About Us

“a collective of talented artists compelled to tell stories creatively”


Blackboard creates content for the Cinema, TV, and the Web. Weather it is documentaries, feature films or promotional videos, we build powerful audio visual content. We create the image that is needed to tell the right story.

With over 40 members of the Blackboard Collective, we produce a unique vision and tailor each project to its specific needs. The right crew for the right job. This makes us light on our feet, we are able to adapt and move quickly. We honour deadlines.

The Blackboard team has worked on location throughout the Americas, Europe and the middle east. To us, the simple truth is that we love what we do!

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We take our craft seriously. We live and breathe it.
Originality, Quality, Detail. This is what we do everyday.

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We have combined all of our creative backgrounds to produce
an experience tailored to your specific needs.

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Whether its people we work for, or people who work for us,
we value honesty, and exploration. This is what make projects work.