“Tell the stories that connect with your audience. Our team works on projects in many different sectors around the world”



TV & Film
Cinematography, performance and emotion, behind and in front of the lens, are at the heart of telling a great story.

Promote your company, product, or service with an original and professional video campaign

Marketing strategies to develop your campaign to communicate your message, be it change in policy, safety standards, or to increase tourism.

Target your audience with Blackboard’s specialized video service trusted by military and police organizations globally to deliver your message the right way.

Share your organizations’ story and enable customers to rely on your product or service. Allow your brand to be positively engaged.

Train Employees on new and existing processes with a video and service and accelerate the learning process

Developed creative and truly artistic audio visual content to enhance and complement your own image unleashing the power of video.

Trade Shows
An excellent way to to capture a sales team in the moment making their pitch, Blackboard provides video services right at your booth.

Event Coverage
Blackboard provides live coverage from every angle on location for your conference, seminar, AGM or promotional event.