“There is an untold story revealed in the light; an inspirational idea painted by colours, and a subtle message read between the lines. The exploration of this truth is the art of our trade. Here are just a few of the stories Blackboard has been a part of in the past few years.”

Blackboard Demo Reel Poster

Demo Reel

The blackboard Reel, a short edit of shots from many projects filmed since the creation of Blackboard in 2010. From short stories, to promotional videos, to documentaries, to feature films, Blackboard will produce the vision …


VIVA Montreal

Caisses Desjardins’ initiative to reward the people and organizations that have helped Montreal shine.

Alice in the attic Poster

Alice in the Attic

A film about a young man who spends his vacation at his estranged aunt’s secluded country home, soon discovering that she has imprisoned her daughter under suspicion of a dangerous mental illness.

Miel MTL Poster

Miel MTL

This inspirational documentary tells the story of a young man who after many failed attempts to cure lime disease turns to raw honey to help him live a full life again.

A Tale of Benjen Stark Poster

A Tale of Benjen Stark

Vong Wong and Five Knights in collaboration with Blackboard production give you a fan fiction short story about the unknown adventure of Benjen Stark

Wireless Technology in Oil and Gas poster

Wireless Technology in Oil and Gas

Award winning company Redline Communication Inc. is the global leader in wireless technology. Its clients include the worlds largest oil companies, the US Army, the Us Navy, large telecommunications companies.

Military Poster

Military Communications

Blackboard showcases the US army’s communications being enable by rugged tech company Redline.

When the Cat's Away Poster

When the Cat’s Away

A bad cop and a worse cop interrogate the main suspect for the disappearance of Bobo. When the Cat’s away participated in a 72hr film festival.

Tradeshow Poster

Trade Shows

Our formula allows Blackboard to film a corporate video from any trade show around the world for the fraction of the price of the average video.